Transitioning to a learning cloud platform takes expertise.
Let us help you.

Build a customized learning solution with Open edX on Azure

Open edX is the use of a free, open-source course management system to host Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) as well as smaller classes and training modules. Skill-Up technologies use this platform hosted on Azure to meet all its client’s hosting needs. In addition, Skill-Up can also provide specific hosting needs built on other platforms.

Our Cloud Customizations

If you have any custom request for your organization (for example: integrating with existing
systems, specific approval process, etc), then our technical experts can work with you.
Here are some of the typical customizations that we do for our clients:

  • Custom Analytics
    Create custom analytic reports like student enrollment activity, engagement, demographics etc. We also provide reporting through Power BI for better visualization.
  • Custom
    Provide custom theming templates to make your Open edX instance stand out from the rest.
  • Permission
    Custom role and permissions model to provide selective access to courses.
  • Third Party
    Authentication using OAuth with Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. We also provide LTI and SAML authentication with third party service providers.
  • Multi-Site
    Ability to host multiple sites with different courses and theming within Open edX installation.

We can also help you navigate your learning strategy transition through one of our following flexible cloud engagement models:


Cloud Managed Services


Build, Operate, and Transfer Model


Learning as a Service (LaaS) Consulting Packages

SkillUp Online

This is an online learning portal for aspiring and current IT professionals to
enhance their career skills with the latest technologies. This portal offers over 250 Microsoft On-Demand (MOC)
courses with videos, interactive activities, hands-on labs, online mentoring, assessments and certifications, and over 12 specializations and 30 different technologies.

Available Fall 2018