Our engagement model for Cloud Learning Solutions

We offer several ways to engage based on your LaaS capability stage or organization’s needs.
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Client LaaS Capability Our Business Model

Cloud Managed Services

  • Deep learning expertise, new to cloud
  • Require a high touch approach with full set-up, build, customization and deployment services
  • Need to scale technical resources through outsourcing
  • Prefer to outsource hosting infrastructure
  • One time upfront set up and installation fee
  • Monthly subscription
  • Use of Skill-Up’s Azure platform or client platform for hosting

Build, Operate and Transfer Model

  • Required in-depth expertise in some areas
  • Some specialty resourcing needs
  • Desire to control own instance for future development and deployment
  • Project-based costing

Learning as a Service (LaaS) Consulting Packages

  • Skilled technical team(e.g. admins, developer, cloud specialist)
  • Mature cloud and technical platform
  • Need specific in-depth expertise e.g. monetization strategy, Laas strategy
  • Available at predetermined package rate based on client’s need